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Listening rooms like no other store

We built our listening rooms just like the regular places in everyday life.  Sure we have isolated listening rooms with audio damping wall panels and minimized sound reflection, but we also have a den, an office setting, and even a Mancave. (All the photos below are from over 4500 square feet of our actual listening rooms. They are not stock photos.)

In any room, we’ll demo high-quality tracks from a number of sources: turntables, CD, uncompressed digital audio. We have vacuum and solid-state amps to suite your particular taste.

The Home Theater (Brown Room)

The Home Theater room highlights some of our finest inventory in screens, seating, and Dolby Atmos multi-channel processing and two channel stereo.  It features the only Focal Utopia EM Evo Grandes in the US and they are driven by the Naim Statement Amp.


The Red Room

We start with a room with ideal acoustics — bass absorbing wall panels and minimal reflective surfaces—a perfect setting for transparent listening.

McIntosh Amp power pushes drivers from high-end marks such as McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Klipsch and Focal.

The Gray Room

Our platinum reference room is built with the same ideal acoustics as our reference room and features the latest McIntosh Reference System – it is their most powerful two-channel home audio system.

The Purple Room

The purple room allows you to demo smaller audio components ideal for home and office setups but in an isolated environment.

The Green Room

Don’t have a dedicated listening room in your home? Then you probably have a private room where you can enjoy a drink or wind down while absorbing your favorite albums. Our den area is one of those rooms. This area has 2 channel systems as well as headphones across all price points.

The Klipsch Corner

We are the Klipsch Heritage dealer for the South Texas, and this area features an array of Klipsch speakers that you can’t buy at the big box stores along with amps from several quality brands.

The Flex Space

Some people spend a lot on the video part of a home-theatre system, but skimp on the sound. You might as well be watching a silent movie. Full immersion is important! Why would you make shortcuts on audio? 

Driven by pure, clean, legendary power, our flex space highlights one of our home theater setups. It’s both an awesome two-channel listening experience and a phenomenal multi-channel event.

The Headphone Areas

Throughout all the demo rooms are several headphones reflecting the quality and price point of those areas. We start with dedicated Headphone Amps to give you clean power. This levels the playing field so you can hear the differences in the headphone line up. You can even move around the store and try them with different amp combinations.

The Sci-Fi Corner

Nestled in a collection of movie and comic memorabilia, this areas features McIntosh Amplification driving three different brands of loudspeakers with Naim streamers providing music.

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