Tributaries - Analog Audio Cables - Pair (8A Series 8)


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Tributaries – Analog Audio Cables – Pair (8A Series 8)

Unbalanced analog audio systems will benefit from using Tributaries Twin Axial cable design. The twin axial design has dedicated conductors for the positive signal and negative return signal plus a heavy shield that is connected to the source end only. In this design the shield will capture any induced interference sending it to ground at the source end thereby isolating noise away from the input stage of the load. This configuration ensures a clear signal transfer with overall noise rejection as close to balanced as possible.

  • Conductor –  LC-OFC
  • Gauge – 20AWG
  • Conductor Geometry – Multi-Gauge
  • Copper Shielding – 95% OFC Braid
  • Aluminum Wrap – 100%
  • Jacket – Black/Silver

We only list Series 8 online  – other Series are available by phone. 713-218-8120


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