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Eli MoraisEli Morais
22:20 28 Dec 21
It's the best audio store in the country. I have bought a few amplifier from Eddie when I was in Houston. Nicest guy. It's always there when I have questions.
Rommel SalazarRommel Salazar
14:18 08 Jun 21
Bought my first Mcintosh amplifier here. Jeff was very helpful and down to earth. Check out this store, the best I've seen and service is excellent. 6 stars!!
Noel RuizNoel Ruiz
16:00 07 Mar 21
I bought a pair of Cornwall iv excellent service from Jeff great person guide me through the purchase and help all the way with shipping even know I live in PRThks
Kyle CKyle C
22:11 03 Dec 20
Awesome team here, super knowledgeable! Provided a superb price on a projector that no big box store could come close to. The shop itself is super cool too. Jeff’s got a ton of awesome movie and music memorabilia.
Kenneth CoakleyKenneth Coakley
20:54 10 Aug 20
Great selection of audio gear. Ask for Eddie. Very knowledgeable and accommodating.


Clarus Balanced Audio Cables

  • 0.5M-4M Lengths Online
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Professional audio components transport signals over balanced connections using differential mode signaling. This technology requires three conductors; one for main signal, one for the main signal inverted (180° out of phase with the main signal) and one for ground. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) will induce a noise level of equal intensity on each of the two signal conductors. By subtracting the inverted signal from the main signal, the input electronics of the component receiving the balanced signal will cancel the induced noise leaving silence. Balanced audio will deliver the highest quality and quietest analog audio signals.

Crimson and Aqua Balanced Audio cables were designed exclusively for Clarus by Jay Victor using a triple balanced geometry, dedicated conductors for the positive, negative and ground connections all surrounded by an independent protective layer of Aluminum/Mylar® and a heavy copper-braided shield. Acting as an antenna/drain, the shield is connected only on the source-end providing a path to ground for induced noise that is away from the next component’s input stage. Clarus Balanced Audio cables are made with the purest copper, PCCC, extruded into three distinctly different optimized conductor types for Bass, Midrange and High-Frequencies. Each conductor type is insulated to minimize interconductor interference resulting in an audio signal that is open and transparent with improved clarity, detail and tonal balance. Clarus Balanced Audio cables are packaged and sold in pairs. Mono cables are available for half pair price.

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