PHE-G R MC Built in Phono Stage for G 2000 R


These are specially designed for installation in the R-series turntables. They are fitted in the ideal location for a phono pre-amplifiers, namely directly at the tone arm output. They are of identical construction to the PHE units, and feature the same compact design, sophisticated circuit components and channel-separate construction.

However, they also have their own stabilized mains power supply incorporating refined stabilization measures.

The metal case provides additional shielding and excellent measured values.
The input sensitivity of the MM module can be set to any of five levels by means of DIP switches. Sixteen input capacitance values are available.
The input sensitivity of the MC module can be set to any of nine levels. Nine input impedance values are also available.

Input sensitivity 1,0 up to 10,0 mV
Input capacitance <120 up to 500 pF
Input sensitivity 100 up to >2000 µV
Input impedance <15 up to 650 Ohm

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