McIntosh-MCLK12 mantle clock

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  • Illuminated meters for ease of sight
  • Temperature compensated Quartz movement

The McIntosh MCLK12 mantle clock is a celebration of time while being a tribute to classic McIntosh design. Constructed with the signature McIntosh blue watt meters, the MCLK12 demonstrates the same easy to read visual interface. Blue meter lighting may be switched on or off from the front panel, or by other McIntosh components, depending on the viewing conditions. Faceplate is the same width as other McIntosh equipment, allowing for rack placement; also wall or shelf mountable.

The left meter measures hours while the right measures minutes. The hour and minute hands cover a twelve and sixty minute arc respectively on the MCLK12 along with Power Output Meters on compatible McIntosh power amplifiers. Both hands ‘fly-back’ in a retrograde fashion when they reach the end of their scale. The MCLK12 is the ultimate fun way to monitor the passing of time. Battery backup keeps time during power outages.


  • McIntosh Self Contained Clock
  • Dual Hour and Minute ‘Meters’
  • 12 hour, 60 minute retrograde indication
  • Temperature compensated Quartz Accurate
  • Long life battery for AC Back-Up
  • Meter light control, manual and remote
  • Wall, Shelf or audio rack placement
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)
    17-1/2″ (44.45cm) x 8-7/8″ (22.54cm) x 5″ (52.54cm) (with AC cord connected)
  • Weight
    8 lbs., (3.62 kg)
  • Shipping Weight
    10 lbs., (4.54 kg)

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