Clarus - SEXTET CPB-6 Power Block


The Sextet’s high-performance hospital-grade outlets are engineered with advanced materials to ensure electrical contact reliability over time. Each duplex outlet is isolated to prohibit interaction between adjacent outlets. To provide the highest level of filtering, Sextet’s outlet banks are labeled specifically for the appropriate component-type. There are six outlets in total:


  • 2 – ANALOG: Allowing analog music to bloom, the analog outlets are fed byfilters that provide AC power specifically conditioned for analog components. Engineered with proprietary C-Core filters ensure there is no restriction of dynamics. The technologically advanced C-Core has superb magnetic properties that perform and sound better than any other analog audio filter available.
  • 2 – DIGITAL: Connected to filters that are specifically designed to deliver clean power to Digital Audio equipment like DACs and CD players. Clarus’ proprietary design of complex multi-level filtering offers the best attenuation of AC line noise for digital components.
  • 2 – HIGH CURRENT: Conditioned power is provided for power amplifiers by a proprietary filter system providing full dynamics.


C-Core Technology
The Clarus line of power conditioners are made with proprietary Clarus Core or “C-Core Technology” which in the Sextet, is employed in the Analog outlet filter circuit. C-Core’s high permeability and core loss are hardly affected by mechanical stress due to near-zero magnetostriction – a property of ferromagnetic materials that causes them to change their shape or dimensions during the process of magnetization. Furthermore, its low magnetostriction significantly reduces audible noise emission when the voltage and current applied to the core are in the audible frequency range. No other core keeps your AC signal silent and clean.

The Sextet protects from AC line surges with highly sophisticated Thermal Metal Oxide Varistors (TMOV). If the surge suppression circuit is compromised the front panel Protection Fault LED will illuminate and the unit will shut down for safety. Ground and Polarity LEDs when lit indicate that the power cord and outlet to which the Sextet is connected is in phase and properly grounded.

Power cable sold separately

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