Services We Offer

Building The Ultimate Home Theater And Stereo Listening Rooms

If you’re looking to build out the ultimate listening room and recreate natural and analytical sound you’ll get a lot of ideas by visiting our demo rooms. From basics such as upholstered walls and diffusion or bass traps to entire concepts, we constructed and designed the neon lights, tables and even some sofas from parts of vehicles. We also sourced or constructed all the decorations and have the ability to fabricate, paint and upholster any creation to finish out your venue with one-of-a-kind pieces. And anything you want in Neon, we can deliver.

Think Of Us As Audio-Visual Consultants.

We specialize in the sale, design and configuration of high-end audio and theater set-ups. When you’re ready to make a major investment in stereo or cinema for your home, we can recommend what to buy and how to set it up for maximum effect. If you wish, we’ll even come to your home and complete the installation. We carry high-end audio furniture as well as theater seating and fixtures and can also fabricate almost anything you need. And if you’re planning any new-build construction, we can work with your builder to incorporate your system into the design.

Houston Audio Is An Experience Unlike Any Other.

No, we don’t do that.

We don’t do alarms, security systems, computer networking, HVAC, lighting or smart-home control. Why not? Because vendors who do that tend to sell labor and less reliable components. As a platinum reference dealer with a physical showroom, we carry product levels the “trunk slammers” and “custom integrators” can’t.

We promise that what you pay will go into premium electronics, not just the installation.

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