Media Room

A media room is a multi-use type area where a comfortable sitting arrangement is more conducive to family and social interaction. In other words, this could be a living room, great room, game room or any other open concept. Since there is not as much control over ambient light that is required for projectors, large 4K-8K OLED televisions are the ideal choice for super sharp viewing.  7.2 channel or greater surround sound systems and well-placed speakers will provide the optimum experience for watching sports or movies, playing games, or just listening to music. Typically, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers are used to provide more space and meet a more demanding aesthetic than an average home theater. A media room allows for a more flexible use of space and might be on a tighter budget than a full-fledged theater, particularly since that space can fill multiple roles, such as a game room, kids gaming area, etc. 

Media Room

Can You create a theater experience without a designated four-wall space? Can you have a home theater without fancy tiered seating? Of course! Media rooms are a very popular way to take advantage of space in the home when a dedicated theater room is not possible.

Our demo products represent the strengths in each of the brands we carry and let you experience the distinct product and price levels. Of course as a reference dealer we can access the complete line of products for any brand we carry. Once you find the level of audio equipment you desire, you can explore the subtle nuances within the models if you need.

Video Gear Components


The latest of innovations from the brilliant minds of Sony and Samsung.  Go Big or Go Home!

Projectors & Screens

What’s bigger than an 82″ Flatpanel?… a 500″ projector screen! 

Audio Gear Components


Pre-Amp, Power, Integrated (both pre-amp and power), Analog (Tube) or Digital

Network Players & Music Streamers

Looking for convenience? You probably have a digital music library. Music Streamers allow you to connect all your digital music to your sound system, whether you have hours of lossless compressed audio like FLAC or ALAC on a NAS or some other device.  There are also models that support the music streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.


From Outdoor to Reference, from Mid-century to contemporary, we have an array of drivers to fit your needs.

Disc Players & Media Players
(CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K UHD)

Clearly one can purchase a 4k UHD player that plays CDs as well. But a purpose built CD transport will offer more authentic reproduction of your music.

We offer a variety of transports in different sizes and budgets, with some great on board features such as a DAC, balanced and unbalanced outputs and even a headphone amp.

HI-FIDELITY Audio Accessories & Cabling

From McIntosh to Tributaries’ “Clarus cables”, we carry a wide variety of audio cabling:  balanced, unbalanced, and speaker cable that matches up with the quality of the equipment we sell.





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