WooCommerce Brand Description

Doesn’t appear to do a damn thing (see directly below.)

WooCommerce Brand layered Nav (also does nothing)

WooCommerce Brand Thumbnails (also broken?)
MiceMade WooCommerce Categories
McIntosh Short Descriptions

MiceMade WC Categories

This is different from the widget above where “WooCommerce” is spelled out in the name.

Not all layouts look good and can’t filter or narrow down. Potentially good layout for the Products Line up page but not for a brand page because you can’t list a brand and then narrow by a category.

WooCommerce Product Categories (with different Icon)

Has potential because of the “custom query” but you can’t narrow it down by brand. So it can’t be used to show a brand and then subcategories of equipment.

Has potential for the “Products We Carry” page but the ordering is very limited.

Also we are still getting a lot of redundant categories????

WooCommerce Products Widget

Again not enough control over the query. Can’t set the source by brand or equipment category. Selecting the source for “featured” or “sale” really isn’t going to do us any good at this point.

Micemade WC Products

Again. Another Widget not ready for Primetime. Still getting redundant categories in all the query fields. What’s going on?

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